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Chuck was born in the 1940's, Jersey City.  He was raised around the skillful art and craftsmanship of a New York City textile designer and mentored by real American carpenters and tradesmen, where he became inspired by the nautical vista of the New England coast. 


All of this would be the backdrop for Chuck’s artistic development as a photographer, award-winning visual merchandiser, furniture designer, carpenter, and realist/naturalist creator of land and seascapes created using acrylic on canvas.


Harra paints with a desire to recreate a scene as Mother Nature intended it to be. His self-taught techniques portray all of the intricate lines, shadows and color tones he sees in nature. His paintings take months to perfect before he is pleased with the finished piece.

When not busy-at-work in his island studio in America’s oldest City, St. Augustine, Florida, where he recreates historic landmarks and epic wavescapes, Chuck can be found roaming the western slopes of Colorado, sizing-up aspen groves for his next serene mountainscape to be captured beneath layers of carefully-applied, rich and fiery acrylic colors. 

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